Your privacy is important to e-planning. This privacy statement provides information about the information that e-planning collects, and the ways in which e-planning uses that information. e-planning is a product of Caraytech S.A. and its subsidiaries.
About e-planning
e-planning provides ad serving and web analytics services to publishers, ad networks, online ad agencies and advertisers. e-planning is not itself an ad network, publisher or advertiser, but only provides the technology services for them to operate.
Personal information collection
e-planning does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from users. That is to say, e-planning does not know your name, social security number, passport number, phone number or any other piece of information that can identify yourself.
e-planning uses cookies to enforce frequency caps on campaigns, so that users do not view the same campaign over and over again. e-planning also uses cookies to provide its customers reports on the number of distinct cookies that viewed each campaign or visited each web site. The usage of cookies is an industry standard. A cookie is a file which is stored in your computer and is sent back to a web site whenever you visit it. Almost all web browsers have an option to disable cookies, in which case no cookies are received or sent. In the case of e-planning, the only information stored in the cookie is a unique cookie ID, in an encrypted form. The cookie is set to expire 10 years after being set. If you do not wish to deactivate e-planning cookies, you can easily opt out. Please remember that cookies must be enabled in your browser in order for the opt out process to work.
Anonymous information
e-planning collects anonymous information from users who access its customers' online campaigns or web sites.

The information collected may include:

• Information about ad campaigns viewed
• Information about web pages visited
• Information about ads you clicked on

Usually along with each record the cookie ID, IP address and browser name is stored.

The information collected allows us to provide our customers reports on their campaigns and web sites. These reports may include the number of distinct cookies or distinct IP addresses that viewed each campaign or web site.
e-planning uses geolocation technology do determine where a certain user is located based on its IP address. This technology is thus used to target campaigns based on users's country, state or city. For instance, it allows a campaign for a certain New York City restaurant to be shown only to users in New York City. e-planning provides its customers geotargeting on five levels: country, region, city, zip code and area code. The geolocation database is not 100% accurate. Usually we can determine the user's country correctly on 99% of the cases, but on a region or city level the confidence level goes down to 90% or less, depending on the country.

Geolocation is also used to provide our customers reports on traffic by country, region or city.
Information disclosure
All information collected by e-planning is solely for the purpose of providing its customers reports on campaign and website performance. This information is sometimes also used to optimize campaigns so that the highest performing campaigns get shown first. Each e-planning customer has an account in the e-planning system and all data collected is associated with that account. No information can be shared across accounts. I.e., no customer can access, view or share information from other customers.

e-planning may sometimes publish industry reports providing average information across all its customers. Those reports do not contain any personal information and moreover, cannot be identified as coming from a certain e-planning customer. For instance, we may publish a report on average user screen size across all customers.
Updating this statement
e-planing may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this website. You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes.
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